Agriculture Resilience

There is a common goal that unites the agricultural supply chain — from seed to shelf, from producer to consumer. A goal that allows us to make the greatest impact possible, assuring our food supply and the future of our planet.

That goal is resilience.

Leaders in Agriculture Resilience

profile picture of Jay Watson

Jay Watson

Regenerative Agriculture Director

We want to stand for the broader good. That means investing in broader systemic issues, trying to address those, realizing the benefits will accrue to many organizations, General Mills included.
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Heather Tansey

VP Environmental Sustainability

No one company can do it alone. We need to partner with farmers at the beginning of the supply chain, all the way through to our downstream customers.
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Kim Sundy

Senior Director of Sustainability

We know that we have to be responsible stewards of the Earth. Not only is it good for business, but it’s really good for the environment and customers and consumers. Our company is committed to nurturing the planet, and building a resilient supply chain is a big part of that objective.

Where are you on your Ag Resilience journey?

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Entering the era of Agriculture Resilience

today's system


Collaboration across industry stakeholders is rare. One-off projects and investments are common, and there’s a lack of alignment among industry standards.
today's system

Difficult to measure

Outcomes measurement for ag intervention is inaccurate, non-transparent and rarely compliant with industry standards. The burden of data collection rests on producers.
today's system

Difficult to scale

Projects are not scalable across crops and regions. Farming programs are structured differently for different commodities, and projects align with different standards.
a new era
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Stakeholders work towards progress across the supply chain with aligned goals. With industry progress, standards regulate marketplaces for ecosystems outcomes.
a new era
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Outcomes measurement for ag intervention is transparent and accurate. Reports are in alignment with industry standards and generate action for companies.
a new era
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Projects are scalable across crops and regions, making emissions reduction programs and new practice implementation effective.

Together we're building a resilient future

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, Regrow can be your partner in accelerating programs, scaling impact and meeting climate goals. Establishing a resilient supply chain is a cycle, not a project. Regrow empowers each step of this cycle – and together, we’ll elevate that cycle to meet your future needs.
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